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Devil Injector:

Available Formats: Multiformat Mac/PC (.wav/.NN-XT/AKAI S3000/EXS/Halion/Kontakt)

Scoured from the darkest corners of the earth, including some rare sounds from actual secret Satanic rituals, Devil Injector strips evil down to its most basic wavelengths. Ranging from the real to the unreal, this collection features over 400 unholy sounds.

The collection is divided into four major sections:

Seamlessly looping soundscapes.
Non - looping sounds of an ambient nature.
Sampled tonal instruments.
Percussive non - tonal sounds and kits.

...Plus additional material

Within each section are various groups of related sounds, and sampler patches. The patches themselves are minimal, intended to provide a "palette" of sounds for auditioning, and creating your own patches.

Due to the nature of this product, purchasers of this disc are required to read and understand the LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY, a document above and beyond the usual user agreement which deals with the unusual properties of this library.

For a quick overview of the sounds in Devil Injector, listen to the Mp3 Audio Demo.

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