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Doctor Fang's Breakbites:

Format: Recycle Loops (.rex) Mac/PC

A combination breakbeat encyclopedia and groove compendium, this disc contains over 900 breakbeats both famous and obscure, painstakingly converted to the .rex format by the Doctor himself, all listed by artist and song.

No longer will you wonder who originally recorded a breakbeat -- simply browse through this collection until you find it.

An excellent source of inspiration for programming your own beats, the .rex files allow you to use these classic beats for "groove quantizing" in applications like Propellerheads' Reason. That way you can accurately capture the feel of the original breaks in your own music.

NOTE: While it does contain some of the best quality recordings of these breakbeats you are going to find anywhere This disc DOES NOT include a license to use these loops in your own commercial recordings.

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