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"On December 19, 2001 Professor Sinister's Bizarre House of Strange Weirdness was unleashed unto a then innocent and unsuspecting world.

It began as a way to pass strange links on to my friends without pestering them with email. If they wanted to see what strange things I had come across they could drop by my humble web site and see what was going on. It wasn't to be a blog in any sense -- There really was little to no information about me, my family, or my pets. Just strange things and the occasional rant.

Here it is, years later and I'm still maintaining the site (or at least updating it) for the amusement of myself and others.

The stuff you'll find there has nothing to do with Bad Mucking Fastard, except that it is symptomatic of the kind of madness that led me to start Bad Mucking Fastard in the first place. I don't endorse or recommend any of the sites that are linked there (with the exceptions of the ones in the "links" section, natch). There is also some content that isn't recommended for younger readers.

If you are looking to waste some time with the bizarre, the unusual, and the just plain strange. Feel free to drop into Professor Sinister's Bizarre House of Strange Weirdness, and take a look around.

Thanks as always, are due to Rich Canino for providing the domain Professorsinister.com"

-Professor Sinister

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