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The Mysterious Unknown

Format: Audio CD (spoken word).

The Mysterious Unknown is an internet radio show that deals with the paranormal, the supernormal, the parasupernormal, and the slightly unusual. Daring to investigate topics that others fear to even contemplate, the intrepid researchers of The Mysterious Unknown utilise the latest in cutting edge parajournalistic techniques to uncover the truth, even if there is none to be found.

Internet radio can be a great thing, but the bandwidth is limited, and sound quality is questionable. It's somewhat like listening to AM radio through a straw ... an often unreliable straw.

The Mysterious Unknown has aired on Radio Free Satan for a while, but if you listen to the show that way, you're missing out on a lot of the subtleties.

Each show is originally recorded in CD-quality stereo.

Now for the first time ever you can hear the Mysterious Unknown as it was meant to be heard, and own each of the seasons on compact disc. Each disc contains the four episodes, as well as the commercials which originally aired with the show.

Season One:

This Two-Disc Set Features the Following:

Episode Topics:

The Pyramids of Siberia
The Lake of Mystery
Time Pockets
The Wandering Pines of the South Seas


The Swedish Chef Sings
Don't Anally Rape the Mozart
Summerdale Organs
Super Convenience Plus
Ultra Convenience


Mephisto Media Henchman Orientation Filmstrip

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Season Two:

Spanning one action-packed discs, season two contains 49 tracks of thrill-churning adventure...

Episode Topics:

The Monster of Kirkland Lake
Uncertainty Gaps
The Magnetic Forests of Gibraltar
The Real Stories Behind Superstitions


Gothic Kung-Fu Disco Vampire World Movie Trailers
The Death Ray Deal
Niebelungen Movie Trailers
Evil Genius Psychic Phone Line


The Music Behind the Commercials.
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Sorry, this item is SOLD OUT

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