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The Marathon Project:

Format: Audio CD (music).

In 1994 Bungie Software released a science fiction first person shooter that took the Mac gaming world by storm, forever earning the Bungie a place among the honoured few in gaming Valhalla.

That game was called "Marathon."

Eight years later a renegade member of CWF became once more drawn into the world of Marathon with the creation of the open source version Aleph One.

He then went on to write "Open Source Music" for the project, making if available for download at such places as music.pysyjnir.org and royalty free for use in Marathon Scenarios.

Since the creation of the Bad Mucking Fastard web store, those tracks have been remixed and remastered, combined with previously unreleased material and are now available in a handy portable audio CD format so you can take with you.

The entire Marathon Trilogy is now a free download, so if you missed out on it when it was first released now is the time to dowload and enjoy this classic game. Visit the official site to learn more.

I hear that Bungie is still making games, and they have one called "Halo" that's doing okay for itself. You might want to check them out.

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Track Listing:
1. They Are Waiting
2. 1024 No More
3. Frogblast the Dance Floor (mp3 sample)
4. The Devil's Forge
5. All Roads Lead to Carnage
6. Bob is Dead
7. GL Sunbathing
8. Battle Group Three
9. This Means War
10. See You Starside (mp3 sample)
11. The Haunter of the Darkness (mp3 sample)
12. Pyramids of Jjaro
13. Pfor Love or Money (mp3 sample)
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