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Alternate Exit

Format: Audio CD (music), Salsa not included.

In the early 1990's A force was unleashed on the city of Toronto. A force that was more forceful than any musical force which had ever forced its way so forcefully before.

No one knows just who they were, or where they came from, but their legacy lives on. Hewn in the living plastic of this CD*

You may have heard of Alternate Exit. Their advertising is still everywhere, and the name echoes through many a fire escape.

Originally released as a limited edition audio cassette, this recording has been digitally remastered (okay, RE-mastered isn't exactly accurate... this is the first time it's ever been mastered) from the original source material and is now available for the first time ever on Compact Disc.

Own a piece of Alternate Exit, the band which sold out before selling out was cool, or even particularly lucrative for them.

Price: $9.95 CAD Sorry, this item is SOLD OUT

Track Listing:
1. Forever Young
2. Centrifugal Farce
3. Tom Cat Prowl
4. Desert Wind
5. Pile O' Naked Cats (mp3 sample)
6. Mosh Song (mp3 sample)
7. Silver Streetcar

*With apologies to Spinal Tap.

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