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Cannibal Whore Feast : Sex Cowboys

Format: Audio CD (music).

In 2002 the phrase "Commercial Suicide" took on a new meaning with "Sex Cowboys" the first CD release from Cannibal Whore Feast.

Cannibal Whore Feast set out from the start to sabotage any chances at mainstream success by creating genre-defying music, with sexually-laden lyrics which blend humour and sarcasm, all packaged under a name which could never be said aloud in prime time.

Believing that the CD buying public were looking for more than just catchy songs, the music, structure, and even the artwork of the CD contains layers of hidden meaning and metaphor. Rather than a collection of songs the entire work a treasure hunt through time and culture filled with surprises for the observant.

Still not satisfied to leave it at that, the CD was produced left-handed, making it unusually confusing to open or store with other CDs.

Now you can own a piece of Pop Anti-History.

Quantities are limited! Hurry up and get your copy before they're all gone.

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Track Listing:
1. More
2. 666 (rhythm revenge)
3. Second Skin (mp3 sample)
4. i. Counting of the Sick (mp3 sample)
5. ii. Unborn
6. King Green (mp3 sample)
7. Automatic Sex Machine (mp3 sample)
8. Kindred (mp3 sample)
9. Chemical
10. Farther Than Flesh (mp3 sample)
11. Sex Cowboys
12. 1,000 Years
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