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About Our Sample Licenses:

Avoid the wrath of the shoe-wielding Law Monkeys!

While some libraries may be exceptions, here's the general rule of thumb: Use it in anything, just don't provide the sounds on their own.

Please credit Bad Mucking Fastard if you use any of the stuff on a recording or in a video game (Broadcasters don't need to -- but if you want to, feel free). Flying Monkeys are expensive to feed, and putting them through law school is a recipe for incredible debt. This has seriously cut into the advertising budget, so help ensure that there will be future Bad Mucking Fastard sample libraries by crediting material when you use it.

A simple "Ungodly awesome samples provided by the Bad Mucking Fastard" would suffice, and it would keep your nether regions safe from flying clogs.

When you buy a Library from Bad Mucking Fastard you are buying a license to use that library. A non-transferable license. That means that you can't sell or loan the CD to someone else.

For those who want a more technical breakdown of the standard Bad Mucking Fastard licensing agreement...

What you are getting (in most but not all cases) are the synchronisation rights. This means that you can use the sound in any audio work, as part of a piece of music, or as an accompanying sound for a video game, television show, movie, or radio broadcast -- so long as the sound is packaged as a part of the finished product. If it's a video game the sound must not be accessible to end users.

The CD itself is not the license. If you want to offer the use of these sounds to clients in a studio setting, or for a project they are going to have to buy their own license to use them. The use is limited to the licensee and projects for which they are directly involved with generating content.

In other words, you can use them with your band, on your TV show, or in your video games, but you cannot use them when you record your friend's band, or have a "studio copy" that anyone can use. Site licenses and studio licenses are available.

You can also use these sounds in the construction of commercial sound libraries.

Yes, you heard that right, but the sounds themselves must be a part of a larger work and cannot be soloed. They must also be credited in the same way as any other musical project. So if you want to use one of the "thumps" in order to enhance one of your drum loops -- go for it.

You can make as many copies of your CD as you want. Cover your car with them, use them to decorate your home. Just remember that you're the only one who can use them.

It needs to be said...

Chances are, there are going to be pirated copies of these CDs doing the rounds, in fact, there are probably copies circulating right now. Face it -- that's just how things work. We're not going to go door to door, peeking into people's hard drives looking for pirated software, but if you use any of these sounds commercially, please get a proper license.

Bad Mucking Fastard Productions © 2004. All rights reserved.