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As a media production house and retailer Bad Mucking Fastard does a bunch of different things (yup, it's that technical ... a "bunch"), and there are a plethora of questions people tend to have. As a result the about rather than being a simple "here's how to buy stuff" there's also a few pages to explain some things that may be confusing.

Licensing: Wondering what you can do with your snazzy new sample library without invoking the wrath of the Bad Mucking Fastard legal department and their crack squad of flying shoe-throwing monkeys? Perhaps you want to know if one of these libraries is ideal for your next project. Everything you ever wanted to know about licensing as well as a few things that you were probably scared to ask can be found here.

Formats: Explains in what different formats the various audio products are available, and what exactly those formats are. This also explains why they are in those formats and may or may not have an excellent recipe for almond dip.

Ordering: Everything you need to know about ordering, payment, and shipping. The how, the when, the where of it.

Contact Information: If you are interested in the broadcast rights for any of the shows, or would like to hire a Bad Mucking Fastard -- here's how to get in touch with the Fastard or one of the fine support staff here at Bad Mucking Fastard.

Privacy: For those who are concerned with such things, this is the Bad Mucking Fastard Privacy Policy.

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